With Nothing”OS” Nothing Phone-1 to be seen this summer

It will be seen as a big project of Nothing

Former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pine’s new company, Nothing, has announced the Nothing Phone-1, which will be available later this summer.

“Nothing Phone-1 will be a refreshing breeze for the sleeping smartphone world,” Carl Paing said at a March 23 event. The new Phone-1, the second product from London-based tech company Nothing, will be the subject of much interest in the smartphone world, and Carl Pai himself says it will be the most interesting product to choose from instead of Apple.

At the March 23 event, there was no word on the product details or design, but the operating system for this phone was revealed. With a custom UI, the upcoming Android-based NothingOS is arguably the smoothest and fastest Android phone ever, and has a distinctive design.

Quaclomm for components needed for a phone; Samsung It says it is linked to key suppliers such as Sony and Visionox. Expected to be a flagship phone, the current launch shows off the UI design and widgets of this phone. Nothing’s official Twitter account will feature the launch of Nothing Phone 1 this summer, and a site for sharing the company’s latest information is shared.

For now, Nothing.tech has not updated the phone’s design and other features. NothingOS Launcher will be available for download on some Android phones in April, with a smoother user experience without Bloatware or other heavy system apps.

As for the interface, the Dot Matrix dot font, Only icons and widgets are used. NothingOS has been given a three-year Major AndroidOS Update and a four-year Android Security Update. Earlier rumors suggested that the Nothing Phone 1 would feature a transparent body design that would penetrate the Noti Lights light and interior components.

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