What Is IP Adress?

An IP address is an Internet Protocol Address.

The same thing applies today. Which computer sends which computer? An IP address appears as an Internet address to find out which country the network is sending from.

Physical IP Address

Divide the IP address into two parts as shown in the figure. Physical Address and Virtual Address. Do not translate physical address as physical address. It cannot be translated as a contact address. Refers to the address of the item that sent the information. This is the Mac Address. Defines a machine address This is the manufacturer’s computer. This is a fixed address on mobile devices.

Virtual IP Address

Another is Virtual Address. Cannot be translated as untouchable address. When it comes to posting on the Internet, it is not the computer that is moving, it is the information that is moving. The virtual address to identify where this information came from. There are two types of IP addresses: public IP addresses and private IP addresses.

Public IP Address

A public IP address is not a public IP address. For many Internet sites, the entire public is marked to know what the address is. For example, to is the official IP address purchased in Myanmar. There is another IP Range.

If you can rent a car, it means you have bought a fixed number plate. When connecting to an international Internet network, you only have to travel with that dead number, and you can just ban that IP address when sanctions are imposed. That is why PayPal has not been launched in Myanmar yet. In Myanmar, you are not allowed to view any site, just enter the website address / IP address you want to block when blocking on the proxy server. That’s why I never watched Youtube.

Type in the URL Address Bar and press Enter. Facebook will fall.

Private IP Address

It cannot be translated as a private IP address. I remember it as an IP address that I could give as I wished. But with good credit, you might find exactly what you need. Even if you like it, it is further divided into Class A, Class B and Class C. It does not go to international so-called international Internet sites. Inside the company This is the IP address of your local machine in the township. It only changes to the Public IP Address when you want to log out.

To give the closest example: a number plate that is visible only when unlicensed cars are about to enter the city. But in his area, he knows whose car this is. In this sense. When a private IP address works in its locality, it only works with the local IP address and then changes to the public IP address once it is running on the Internet. In the meantime, most service providers provide the switching system.

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For example, our office computers do not use the internet. Not connected A private IP address is sufficient to send information between computers. However, while sending it, I will use the internet while working. If you want to send an email to a branch office in another country, you need Internet access. If so, you must use a public IP address.

How IP Addresses Work

Not just the sender. The mailbox also has a number. The post office also has an address. The recipient also has an address. There is also the name of the recipient.

Similarly, an IP address must be on Facebook. Google also has it. The sender of the email must also be present. Email Service Provider must also be present. The recipient of the email must also have it. The sender and receiver will be assisted by a separate address provided by the service provider and the physical address (Mac address) of the computer.

I tried to make it as easy as possible. You can read more about What is IP Address in Google search. You can also read it on Wiki.

Private IP address range

Class A – to
Class B – –
Class C – –

A total of 4 bytes from 1 byte containing 8 bits is called an IPv4 Address. Like a car number. When there are not enough numbers, IPv6 Address will appear. The total configuration will be up to 128 bits. Due to the proliferation of addresses, every IT device will have its own IP address in the future.

These names cannot be given as appropriate. How to give It is calculated mathematically and accurately.

Mac Address

The machine address is 48 bits. This is the address that the computer manufacturer assigns to their device. These addresses generally cannot be changed. Because it is a physical address.

For example: 01-23-45-67-89-ab

Hopefully you have a basic idea of โ€‹โ€‹the IP address.

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