Tesla will receive up to three months’ salary for Ukrainian personnel fighting for the country

Tesla Energy also installed Tesla Powerwalls in Ukraine.Tesla Ukraine staff will be paid at least three months’ salary to enlist in the Ukrainian army to stop the invasion.

Europe In an email from Tesla sent to employees from the Middle East and Africa, CNBC reported that Tesla employees would be paid at least three months’ salary if they returned to Ukraine for national defense.

At the end of three months, Tesla plans to reconsider the situation in Russia-Ukraine war and its personnel and decide what to do next. In February, Ukrainian President Vladimir Putin called for military service in the country’s defense in the run-up to the Russian invasion.

Tesla also praised SpaceX employees for helping Ukraine access Starlink satellite internet service to Ukraine in an email Monday, more than 12 days after the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. SpaceX, a space company, was also founded by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The Ukrainian government asked Elon Musk to help with the internet outage in the country, and Musk sent Starlink bottles to Ukraine. Tesla’s energy team also installed Tesla Powerwalls, a lithium-ion battery storage system, to run Starlinks in Ukraine.

Tesla employees use inverters, inductors, and installers donated by Tesla ‌-certified equipment installers. Starlinks and PowerWalls systems were installed in Ukraine using chargers. Although Tesla does not operate in Ukraine, some 5,000 Tesla car owners and other electric drivers in the country are based in Poland. Hungary and Slovakia also offer free charging at the company’s superchargers.

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