ONE UI Secrets for SAMSUNG Phones

These days, I’m going to write tips and tricks because the tech news in the West isn’t so special.

Going back to the Tips and Tricks heading’s the Boycott ‌ period, I think Samsung phones are becoming more and more popular as boys boycott phones. Admin himself has chosen OnePlus: Tips and Tricks Part (1) which is convenient for many people because it is resold by OnePlus and is owned by Samsung.

Samsung’s One UI is also one of the most comprehensive of the many Android Skins, so there are a lot of Hidden Tricks. If you are a Samsung user who likes this part (1), then Part (2), I will continue writing until Part (3).

Here are some tips and tricks that will work on almost every One UI 3, 3.1 Samsung phone.

1.Call Pop-Up

You are using an application. If you receive a call while playing a game, a pop-up will appear in the upper Noti Bar. You will not be able to exit the game you are playing or the app you are using because the full incoming form of the phone will not appear.
(Keep Calls in pop-up turned on if you want the pop-up to remain on the screen without popping up after the call.)

2.Call Background

If you do not turn on “Keep Calls in pop-up” by holding the pop up call, the phone screen will be full. For dual SIM card users, the Call Background feature is an easy way to find out which SIM card you are calling.

Go to Phone App> Top Three Dots> Settings> Call Background and you will see SIM 1 and SIM 2. Here is a custom background for SIM 1. If you select a background of your choice for SIM 2, you can classify which SIM is calling based on your background.

3.Notification History

This is a native feature of Android 11. When you get a lot of notifications, you get confused and try to clear everything. After clearing, you may find that the notification you want to open is mixed. Notification History can be viewed on One UI, Android 11.
Go to Settings> Notification Settings> Advanced Settings> Notification History.

4. Widgets on Lock Screen

In One UI, you can view widgets without opening the lock screen. When you tap the clock on the lock screen, widgets will appear.

Go to Settings> Lock Screen> Widgets and select the widgets you want to see.

5. Double Tap to Sleep and Wake

Close the screen with a double tap. To turn it on, go to Settings> Advanced features> Motion and Gestures> Double Tap to wake / sleep. You can turn on Lift to wake if you want the screen to open as soon as you pick up the phone.

6. Live Captions and Google Subtitles

Settings >> Accessibility >> Hearing enhancements >> Live caption

When watching movies, Shows, etc., you can not understand every word without Subtitles. If you want to know the lyrics while the music is playing, this feature will subtitle on the display. It’s a little late, but it’s pretty useful.

Currently only English language is available. Volume Button You can also use Live Captions from the three dots that appear during the expansion. You can turn it off.

7.Customize Power Button (Side Key)

Settings >> Advanced features >> Side Key Double click here. Bixby? You can specify whether it is an app or not. Give it a regular app and you can double-click the Power button without having to search every time you open it.

8. Hide Apps

To hide applications from the App Drawer, long press on the Home screen. Then you can hide what you want to hide from Settings> Hide Apps. If you want to search again, you can search in App Drawer Search.

9. Show battery percentage

Notifications >> Advanced Settings >> show Battery percentage You can set Battery Percentage in Notifications.

10.Dual Messenger

2 Facebook accounts; For those who want to use two messenger accounts, you can go to Settings> Advanced Features> Dual Messenger and turn it on.

You can use two social & instant messaging apps: Facebook, Messenger, LINE, Viber, Telegram.

11. Flash Notification

If you like the flash light when you receive a notification or a call, you can go to Settings> Accessibility> Advanced Settings> Flash Notification and turn it on. Camera Flash Notification here? You can also turn on Screen Flash Notification.

12.Replace App Shortcut

At the bottom left and right of the lock screen, there are two apps by default: Phone and Camera. If you want to change the app you like, you can go to Settings >> Lock screen >> shortcuts and select two apps you like.

13. Switch to Google Discover

If you swipe to the far right from the Home screen, you will see Samsung Free News Reader by default. Long press on the Home screen to switch from Samsung Free to Google Discover. Then swipe to the far right to switch from Samsung Free to Google Discover as shown.
(Some older models may not be able to switch to Google Discover until One UI 3.1.)

14. Change Home Screen Layout

Once all the applications are on the Home screen, you can set up a separate Home Screen. If you want to keep the App Drawer popping up by swiping below, you can change it to your liking in Home Screen> Long Press> Set in the bottom right corner> Settings> Home Screen Layout.
(Here are a number of customizable settings for your home screen.)

15.Remove Location when sharing photos

If you want to share photos with others in the Gallery, you can hide the location by sharing by clicking the Share button and removing the Location Data at the same time. Nowadays, it is convenient for your privacy.

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