Microsoft’s source code stolen by Lapsus $ hackers

It is not serious enough to cause further evolution.

Samsung Nvidia The hackers, who stole information from Okta and Ubisoft, also claimed to have hacked Microsoft.

The Verge reports that Lapsus $ hackers stole nearly 37GB of source code from Microsoft. Microsoft confirmed on Tuesday evening that a group called DEV-0537 had taken control of an account and stolen some source code for Bing and Cortana.

Microsoft’s security analysts have been tracking the Lapsus $’s team for the past few weeks and are studying in detail some of the methods used to break into the group’s system. According to the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC).

The purpose of the DEV-0537 is to gain access to the target organization, such as extorting money from a stolen account so that it can carry out hacking attacks and data theft.

According to MSTIC, this was done with the intent to steal and destroy a cybercriminals. Microsoft says the leaked code is not serious enough to cause further evolution, and that cyber-response teams have cut off hackers’ operations.

According to Lapsus $, it received around 45% of the code from Bing Maps and Cortana and around 90% of the code from Bing. On Monday night, the hackers uploaded a 9GB 7-zip file containing the source code for more than 250 Microsoft projects.

The Lapsus $ team has previously owned Microsoft, Okta, Samsung Vodafone Mercado Libre; It is also a well-known hacker group that has obtained information from powerful technology organizations such as Ubisoft and Nvidia.

Samsung and Nvidia have admitted that their data was stolen, but Okta has denied the attack, saying it was not leaked and that it was operating normally.

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