In 2023 Pro iPhone is rumored to feature under-display camera technology.

In 2023 Pro iPhone is rumored to feature under-display camera technology.

According to Korean website The Elec, Samsung Display is developing a new under-panel camera technology for Apple that can hide Face ID under the display. The technology will be used in next year’s iPhone 15 Pro models.

At the moment, Samsung is working on an under-panel camera system for Apple, even though there aren’t many phones with under-camera technology. The current Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses an under-display camera, which reduces the pixel density of the display above the camera, which results in significantly lower image quality.

The under-screen version of FaceID for the iPhone 15 Pro may have a better design than the notch, but it’s not yet known if it will be as secure and effective as the Notch. Samsung claims to be developing the technology in partnership with Canada’s OTI Lumionics. According to The Elec, the new technology will be available on next year’s Galaxy Z Fold 5 if the development can be completed on schedule.

Well-known Apple analyst Manchikuo says Apple expects to use Under-Display FaceID on a new iPhone model in 2023. Display consultant Ross Younger has said that Apple will not change its FaceID feature until at least 2023, so it remains to be seen.

Current iPhone models use the same ugly notch design for the front camera and FaceID components. This year’s iPhone 14 Pro will reportedly incorporate a camera and FaceID into the cutout using a pill-shaped cutout design.

In terms of design, it’s supposed to be a lot more tidy. At least the five-year-old Notch Display design, which started with the iPhone X, is expected to be seen as a change in models in 2022 and later. Non-Pro iPhone 14 models will only come with a punch-hole camera hole in the center of the upper screen.

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