Galaxy Note discontinued and replaced with Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung Electronics unveiled its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S22, on the night of February 9th.
Large screen S Pen stylus range from small screen to high performance.
Samsung, the leader in the global smartphone market, has launched the Galaxy S22 in three variants.

S22 6.1-inch display
S22 + with 6.6-inch display
S22 Ultra with 6.8-inch display
Production of the Galaxy Note has been discontinued since last year, and the S22 Ultra includes the S Pen stylus used in the Galaxy Note. The Note has been replaced by the S22 Ultra.
Samsung has integrated the features of the S and Note into the 6.8-inch S22 Ultra. For those who use a larger screen with an S Pen stylus, it can be used instead of a Note.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note coming to an end?

Roh Tae-moon, president of Samsung Electronics and chairman of MX Business at Samsung Electronics, said the Galaxy S22 Ultra is specifically designed to deliver “the best and most premium S Series experience” with the built-in S Pen on the 6.8-inch display model. It also has advanced video capabilities and long battery life.

Orders are now being accepted and sales will begin on February 25.

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