CRISTIANO RONALDO still uses IPOD SHUFFLE 10 years ago

One week ago, one of our football fans, Cristiano Ronaldo, brought with him a nostalgia for the past. Ronaldo wore an iPod Shuffle released 10 years ago to meet fans at a match in Turin, Italy.

Ronaldo’s iPod is a 4th Generation Shuffle model launched in 2010. Apple completed the iPod shuffle line-up in 2017, and I can still imagine Steve Jobs masterpieces that revolutionized the Mp3 Players world.

Many media outlets have described Ronaldo as a true fan of Apple. Or as a fashion accessory, it may be hooked up with a necktie. Some commented that the iPod Shuffle was limited to 1000 songs with a Max Capacity of 4GB and could not select the song of their choice, so Ronaldo continued to use the iPod Shuffle because he wanted to listen to random songs.

However, the iPod Shuffle, which has been around for almost 10 years, can still be used as a fashion accessory to prevent pollution if it is not discarded because you can still use your tech gadgets. xD

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