Can Virus infect an iPhone?

Can Apple iPhones, which are known to be extremely secure, be infected?
The answer is ‘YES’. Because running iPhones is an operating system called iOS. A device that has an operating system has a virus that can destroy that system.

So will the iPhone really get a virus?

‘No’ because driving an iPhone is also iOS. Are you deaf?
However, there is no room for viruses in the iOS operating system.
Because iOS is their lifeblood controlled by Apple.
Viruses can only steal your data if you install it on your computer (or phone). Control It can be transmitted to other devices.

Apple’s iOS architecture prevents viruses from doing the same thing. Apple runs apps that run on iOS in a space called Wall Garden. Even iOS apps have a lot of restrictions on how to communicate with each other. For example, you can not play songs in zapya in the music app. So even if the virus goes astray and arrives on iOS, the path disappears.

IOS also blocks idiots from getting lost. How is it closed? Clearly, iOS apps and games can only be downloaded from the App Store. You can’t even share between iPhones, and you can no longer download and install them from iTunes on your computer. (Previously, you could sync apps and games between iOS and PC iTunes, but now Apple has shut it down.)

Therefore, viruses are not easy to get to iOS and get lost, so the risk of virus infection in iOS is only 1%.

Is there really no virus for iPhones?

Yes, but it did not reach the market. This means that viruses for iOS have been tested by security researchers and never reached the outside world.
That’s why there are no anti-virus apps like Kaspersky or Norton in the App Store. The existing apps, called Anti-Virus, actually do the backup, recovery, and recovery if lost. This is what surveillance does for web browsing.

Destroyers can’t easily test virus apps and upload them to the App Store. Apple reviews an app and uploads it to the App Store. Even apps that ask the user for permission are removed from the App Store. (Recently, even zapya was asked for location access and was searched)
And Apple has the ability to release the fastest version update as soon as it detects a leak in an iOS version.

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