An app to discover and use useful settings embedded in MIUI for Xiaomi phones

Hello everyone,
The XDA Developer Team has introduced an application that can expose MIUI’s best-used privacy settings for Xiaomi phones. Some smartphone users may or may not like MIUI.

Because of these apps, Xiaomi’s MIUI feels like a handy smartphone user interface, even if it’s not the best. This little app works well with very useful hidden settings that are not easy to use on other phones. So let’s see what this app can do…

Xiaomi phones that want to use this app first need to have Android version 5 or higher.
The first time you launch an app, you will be prompted for important settings, so if something goes wrong, it’s a user’s error message.
I clicked Continue.

Once you enter the app, the ads are not too silly.

Once inside the app, you will see 12 menus: Hardware Test, Android Test, Network Test, etc. There are 63 other sub-topics in Hardware Test.

Sensor Test such as Speaker Test, Front Mic Rear, accelerometer sensor, barometer etc. Touch Sensor Test, Display Test, etc. can check each part of your phone which is defective.

I really like this one. This app can be very useful if you are going to buy a second Xiaomi phone.
Even second-hand sellers can no longer afford to wear jeans.

Another favorite setting is to choose whether you want to maximize your phone’s performance or balance it to get more battery life. When I select Performance, I notice that the phone is much faster when multitasking and playing games.
(Click Power Mode and select Performance and Balanced.)

So you can try the rest of the settings yourself.
I really like this app for MIUI.
If you do not use the app, these settings are a bit difficult for the average user to use.

Most importantly, you can check for defects in your phone. If you buy a Second Xiaomi phone, you can check it yourself. Perfornace and Balanced can be easily changed. You should be able to check software updates. You can manage applications all over your phone, all in one place.

Xiaomi phone owners can easily download MQS – MIUI Quick Settings on Google Play and download it from the two links below.

There is also an app in the Play Store called Hidden Setting for MIUI that works similarly to this app.

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