Yesterday, realme introduced new AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of things) devices called realme Watch, realme Buds Air Neo and realme Band. So we at MCN Tech have been testing the Realme Watch and Buds Air Neo for a week, so here’s a way to share the user experience gained this week.

Special thanks to realme for allowing the review units to test early. So let’s start…

realme Watch (Price – $50 )

As I write the user experience in writing, I would first like to ask the video creators to see the design details of the watch.

1.Design and Built Quality

When you turn the screen off, you’ll see a rectangular watch surface that looks a lot like the Apple Watch. But when the screen is open, you can see that the thick chin at the bottom of the watch face is completely detached from the Apple Watch.

It has an IPS LCD display with 323 ppi and a brightness of up to 380 nits, making it ideal for viewing in the sun. In terms of display, I don’t really blame the price for the AMOLED, but the bottom chin is a bit daunting. The side button on the side has a yellow accent that matches the realme logo.

Although I’m a little disappointed with the built-in plastic body, the plastic body makes it very light to wear. For those who are a little tired of the stereo-typed watches, I’m not sure if this is a good idea.


Named the Smart Watch, it is not a watch running on the Wear OS, so applications cannot be used. This means you can only use the features that come with the watch. As it is not a full review, the features are written very quickly.

Track up to 14 workouts like Rumning, Football, Yoga. Features include a highly accurate Heart Rate Sensor, SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation in Blood) sensor, and sleep tracking features. As a fitness tracker, it’s more than just a smartwatch.

Other features include Meditation; If you have music playing on your phone, you can move the clock forward and backward. You can adjust the volume. The phone’s camera lets you shoot through the clock without having to press the shutter button. It can be said that there are many things that can show the weather conditions. The Find My Phone feature also lets you pair your watch with your phone and find a Bluetooth-enabled distance within your home. If the position is wrong, you can search for it by ringing the phone.

Most importantly, IP 68 is also certified. For a smartwatch, it’s like wearing it in the rain. It’s like taking a bath. IP 68 is required for sweating during sports.

Most importantly, it can display notifications in almost all applications such as facebook, instagram, viber, messenger and so on in Myanmar. I like the fact that I can read without mistakes…

So the only thing that can control all these features is the realme link application. You can easily download it from the Play Store and connect your watch, band and Buds Air. Although realme has not yet begun to build an ecosystem, this realme link is the first step in realme. 1st Gen Hardware Devices I would like to commend the realme link application for its harmony and harmony.

It’s a couple of software updates a week from the start for Watch!


If the life of a smartwatch is battery life, I think readers will agree. phone, Tablets, laptops, TWS headphones . In this day and age of charging, these are the real focus of daily charging, so the realme watch comes with a 160mAh battery that sets the heart rate to 5mins every 7 days. I have been using it for 5 days and it does not have the battery life that is very good for a smartwatch, but it is not bad at all. It comes with four magnetic chargers for recharging and lasts 0-100% for about 2 hours.

After trying it out for a week, almost all of the features of the watch work fine, and the realme link application allows you to do your workouts and exercises. You can easily manage the settings of the watch. The most awkward part of this week is the occasional Raise to wake you do not want to work without looking at your watch. It may appear when you shake your hand a little more.

The main problem is the Gorilla Glass 3 Display. Within a week, I did not feel anything rough, and when I rubbed the glass on the back of my phone with the watch, I noticed a slight streak. So it’s better to stick to a screen guard.

View on Realme Watch

As mentioned above, since it is not a watch running on Android Wear OS, it does not feel like a real smartwatch. But, come on… At 80,000, Chin is thick. The display is not bad, except for the fact that it is not very rugged. Unlike fitness bands, there are no notifications that can be read well on a small display, and the support for Myanmar language is quite cool.

The price was announced yesterday and it was expected to be around 999.00, so I did not want to recommend it… but after today’s announcement of 80,000, I think it is a good sweet spot in Myanmar market for those who want to try out how to use a smartwatch.

But, if you do not like the LCD display and Chin thick watch, you should try the cheaper realme Band or Mi Band .

realme Buds Air Neo (Price – $35 )

Because of the length of the text, I will only write about the differences between realme Buds Air (70,000 tons) and this Neo (50,000 tons). Click here to watch a full review video from Buds Air on sound quality and design colors.

It looks almost identical to the previous Buds Air. The main difference is that Neo no longer has Wireless Charging and ENC (Environment Noise Cancellation technology). Then remove the earphones while wearing them. Wear Detection, which stops the media when it is lost, is no longer included.

Worst of all, the Neo comes with a large Micro USB, not USB Type C for charging. The rest is not a big deal, but it can be a problem for those who are obsessed with different strings. Is it really expensive to add Type C?

Another’s Neo drivers are 13mm, Buds Air is 12mm. No significant sound differences were found. With other features such as Double Touch, Triple Touch, Long Press, Gaming Mode, Battery Life, etc. are the same as Buds Air.

So I want to get a cheap TWS Earbuds. If you do not pay attention to Micro USB, No wireless Charging, no ENC, no wear Detection, If you do not need it, you can consider realme Buds Air Neo….

Thank you very much for reading to the end.

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