2021 European smartphone market with four top spot changes

There were fluctuations in the European market in 2021.

According to data released by Research, the market grew by 8% in 2021, but 820 percent more than in 2020 when the covid disaster began.

The smartphone that crashed was, as many people expected, Huawei. In 2021, sales fell by almost 90% year-on-year. With just 1% market share, it was the fourth best-seller in 2020 and eighth in 2021.

At the top of the sales charts, sales fluctuated until the brand changed four times in 2021. Some brands have done well in the European market and it has been a great year.

At the start of the year with the first 5G iPhone, Apple topped the market with 34% market share.
In February, Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 series. Sales were strong, with sales of Samsung smartphones up 24% in February from January, and Samsung topped the charts in February 2021.

Xiaomi was given the top spot in June as Kovis was unable to produce enough smartphones due to a temporary factory shutdown in Vietnam.
Xiaomi became the best-selling smartphone brand in the European market in June 2021, and for the first time, Xiaomi took the first place. Russia Spain Xiaomi sales in Italy rise sharply

Xiaomi’s No. 1 spot did not last long. In July, Samsung returned to the top of the A series with strong sales. Then Samsung started selling the popular Galaxy Z clamshell phones and retained the No. 1 spot. Xiaomi has been short of production due to a shortage of components due to Kovis, and sales have fallen due to insufficient smartphone shipments in the market.
Samsung continued to dominate.
Apple did its best to launch the iPhone 13 in October 2021, but failed to overtake Samsung. In November, when sales of Samsung’s new smartphones plummeted, Apple took the top spot in November, retaining the top spot in December.

Xiaomi sales continued to decline in the second half, but sales in the European market hit a record year.
This is the year that OPPO started out as a newcomer to the European market.

Realme was the fourth best-selling 5G smartphone in its history from year to year, ranking fourth.

2022 programs

These brands have big plans for the European market by 2022. Admirable flagships will be on sale.

Samsung’s latest flagship S22 smartphone is expected to sell better than the S21 and S20.
Apple is rumored to be launching the iPhone SE.

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