20 days trip with HUAWEI P40 PRO (FULL REVIEW)

Huawei’s P40 Pro seems to highlight how far mobile phone cameras have come in now. Those who are familiar with Tech will also know that the P40 Pro also holds the position of the world’s best camera phone at DXO.

So in this review, the P40 Pro looks as good as the camera, and it looks like it could compete with other flagships elsewhere. As is customary with my reviews, there are some things I liked at the beginning. In the middle, there are some unsatisfactory points, and at the end, it is written like Final Thoughts. So, let’s find out…

1. Camera

As a cameraman, the camera has become the number one favorite. Here, instead of writing photography terms that are unfamiliar to the average reader, let me write in a way that explains the capabilities of each sensor.

Main sensor

All current smartphone cameras use the largest sensor size, 50MP f / 1.9, 23mm main sensor. Here’s why it’s better than other 108 MP sensors, I want you to know that sensor size is more important than MP in photography. The larger the sensor size, the more light it can capture. Light is the age of photography…

Not only is daylight very cool, but the P40 Pro’s Nightmode is so good that at night it looks as if it’s really dim at night. I do not really like the way the night pictures are brighter than usual, so it’s really nice to be able to get the most realistic night shots when shooting in Auto mode instead of Night mode.

The main sensor is very good in addition to the sensor size, but also the RYYB (Red, Yellow, Yellow, Blue) sensor, not the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) sensor like other phones. Its advantage is that it can capture more light than conventional RGB sensors. Day with Mian sensor No wonder DXO’s Top 1’s capturing the best photos of any time of the night…

The main thing to note is that it is not as visible as other flagships. There is no distortion in the photo angle called Distortion. Let me explain these two. To increase the details of Ultra-wide, Huawei has increased the MP size to 40MP, so the focal length of the Ultra-Wide sensor is only 18mm wide due to the size of the 40MP sensor. The other competitors are up to 12mm, 13mm, so the P40 Pro doesn’t have as wide a screen as its competitors. The smaller the focal length number, The wider the screen. On the plus side, Ultra-Wide photos get roughly as close to the main sensor as they do in lowlight.

On other phones, the color temperature is very different when shooting with Ultra-Wide. The P40 Pro has less of a drop in details, and there are less glare in the corners of the photo. The downside is that the view is not very wide. So Next sensor…

Main sensor 1x / 5x Optical Zoom
With a 12MP Periscope lens, you can get 5x Optical Zoom 5x, 10x Hybrid Zoom and 50x Digital Zoom. If you love 5x zoom, you will feel like you are using 5x every time you take a photo က The great legacy of 50x zoom comes with 10x Hybrid Zoom. The 50x is a real treasure trove for those who want to zoom in on photos, even though the 50x details may not be useful in real life.

Due to the pixel size of the main sensor, portraits enriched with 3D TOF sensor are very natural, while capturing Physical Bokeh images from a distance of up to 2 feet. Detection of hair follicles is very good. Portraits taken with the telephoto sensor are just as good as the main sensor. Be careful, the details are weak and the skin tone goes towards the warm side. We prefer portraits of the main sensor, so we will stop here.

Overall, the P40 Pro’s cameras are very good at Auto Focus. You can focus not only on people but also on objects. Lowlight between phones is very good. Portraits are very natural. So what are the disadvantages? One of the things I personally dislike about the EMUI camera UI is its simplicity; “Sharpening, steady your device” appears every time you take an auto photo. About 8 out of 10 were sharpened ‌ better, but the other 2’s got some serious flaws.

When you take a picture, you can drag the exposure to the background or foreground instead of in the view finder you see. This option is also a ‘perception’ of Huawei phones, so you can not turn it off. However, sharpening makes the background brighter and the image less attractive. So if you want to take some weird pictures, you have to rely on Manual Mode to get the photos you see. For us, except for this point, the P40 Pro’s camera is a complete masterpiece.

Unlike other phones, you can shoot up to 8K, but 4K / 60fps video footage is real. Stabilization affects both the main sensor and The Ultra-Wide is just as good as the previous P30 Pro’s 4K. In summary, the P40 Pro offers both photography and video. In terms of videography, it deserves to be the best smartphone in the world right now.

2.Design and Built Quality

When I switched from 206 grams to P40 Pro (209 grams), I felt that the P40 Pro was lighter, so I read the specs and it weighed even more than my phone. So I came to accept that built quality and design have a lot to do with weight and hand feeling. The front mirrors are slightly curved on all four sides. Unlike the OnePlus’s curved bezels, the handlebars are even darker than the OnePlus’s glass arches, so I think it’s also curved on all four sides…

The mirror is curved on all four sides, but the screen is curved on both sides. That means The bottom arch is not visible on the display. It does not interfere.

Design and Built Quality The second favorite is due to the rear camera arrangement. I really like the camera position which is equipped with the largest mobile camera sensor.
(Camera bumps are very thick inside.)

3. Battery Life and Charging Speed

It’s wrong to use a 4200mAh battery. Using 90Hz all the time (1 hour for ML and PUBG, 1 hour for the rest, social media, browsing, etc) around 9 hours on screen is absolutely Amazing Battery. EMUI and Kirin 990 Battery Optimization’s Awesome

It can be recharged with 40W Max Super Charge from 0 to 100% in just 1:04. From 20% to 100%, it only takes around 45mins, so the battery can be used and the charging speed is fast.
In addition to 40W max wired charging, you can also switch between fast wireless charging 27W and fast reverse wireless charging 27W.


The performance of the Kirin 990 5G chip differs from the current SD 865 in benchmark scores, but there is no significant difference in usage. Like PUBG or Snapdragon, it has HDR and Ultra touch. It doesn’t matter if you play or not. And because Kirin chips are so heat-resistant, the Kirin 990 5G scores less on paper than the rest of the flagship chips, but not as noticeable in real life.
(I’m talking about a 90Hz, SD 865 phone)


The display is tucked in half in the middle of the paragraph. Why?
The 90Hz combination of the P40 Pro’s display, which is slightly less than 2K at 1080p +, is pretty cool. Anyone who has used a 2K, 120Hz display like the OnePlus 8Pro. The P40 Pro’s display is probably one of the best, except for those who are crazy about display. The 90Hz EMUI is not as fast as the O2 UI, but with a smoother animation speed.

So what I don’t like about the display is the large pore hole on the front. With a 32MP selfie camera and two 3D Depth sensors for face unlock, the four-sided curved display isn’t as beautiful as it should be. Right all the time. Personally, I did not like the idea of ​​adding a Depth Sensor for Face Unlock and Portrait Selfie, which already has a fast under-display fingerprint….


As you know, none of the Google services work out of the box. Not just Google apps, but even third-party apps that do not support Google Drive. Here I try to use Out of the box without intentionally adding Google services. (You can put it back in the store yourself. Except for two accounts that can not be used in parallel, everything is OK.)

So let’s just talk about EMUI without Google services. For writers like you, the worst part is that you can’t use Google Keep. Grab, Foodpanda can not be used. As mentioned above, EMUI is very good at battery optimization and RAM management is also very cool. I think we like EMUI the most in RAM Management.


The P40 Pro’s one of the most disliked points in the middle of the paragraph… Reviewers P The P40 Pro’s audio quality is pretty poor. The bottom mono speaker is just as normal in terms of loudness. Clarity is good, but I think it is a little weak at high and low. Huawei, as you know, has always been stubborn about adding stereo speakers…

To make a phone call, a voice will be output from under the upper display glass. It is loud enough to talk on the phone.
Oh, the headphones (Type C) that are not included in some phones are included in the box, but the quality is not bad…


In addition to Bluetooth 5.1, Wifi 6, 5G networks, the upper frame also has a handy IR sensor. Another flagship feature is the IP 68 rating. Come on…
It’s been a long time coming, so let’s finish.

9. Final Thoughts

If you want a sleek camera with a 90Hz display, nearly two days of battery life, and a sleek design, the P40 Pro is a must-have. (Google services are still being re-installed and running smoothly, and you may risk running out of time, such as Android 11, for example.) Even Chrome does not work, so you may be left without your usual browsing bookmarks and history.

So if you take the risk for Google Services, the P40 Pro could be your premium flagship of choice, with almost all of the world’s best camera phone and audio.

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