12 Features of the Apple Watch You May Not Have noticed,APPLE WATCH TIPS AND TRICKS

Here are 12 useful features of the popular and popular Apple watch among smartwatches.

1.Take Screenshots
Want to take a screenshot of your workout screen on your Apple Watch and share it with your friends? It’s easy, just press the Digital Crown and Side Button together. The ss will go to your iPhone’s Photo Library. If you sync to iCloud on a Mac, it will go straight to Mac.

2. Switch to List View
Are you having trouble navigating the icons without app labels? You can change the List View from Circular Icons. You can select Gird View and List View by tapping the Watch Face (Force Touch). You can now browse with app labels.

3.Turn on Fall Detection
If you are a Watch Series 4 user, you can use the Fall Detection feature. This feature automatically connects to your Emergency Contact when you fall from a height. Open the iPhone’s My Watch app and turn on My Watch Tab> Emergency SOS> Fall Detection.

4.Cover to turn off display and mute
If you want to mute an alert when it comes to your watch, just place your palm on the watch face. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, go to My Watch Tab> Sound & Haptic and turn on the toggle.

5.Send a call to voicemail
This feature is also very useful. If you do not want to answer the phone when you receive a call, or if you want to leave a voicemail, double-click the side button (not digital crown) and you will be taken to a voicemail. (Like double-clicking the iPhone side button)

6.Answer an incoming call on iPhone
When a call comes in, you can swipe up from the watch and select Send a Message and Answer on iPhone without pressing answer or hang up.

7. Double Click the crown to switch to the last app
To switch from the current app to the last app, simply double-click the Digital Crown. It’s like double-clicking the Home button on an iPhone.

8.Clear All Notification
When you have a lot of Noti, if you want to clear it all at once, press and hold a Noti and Clear All will appear.

9.Send Your Location on Message
When you want to send a message to your location from the message, press the option in the conversation you are talking about. When Send Location appears, you can send it to your current location.

10.Make a screen easier to read
The text on Watch Face is too small to see? Turn on iPhone watch app> My Watch Tab> General> Accessibility> Bold Text. The watch restarts and you can see the text more clearly in bold text. If you want to zoom in on Watch Face, turn on Zoom in Accessibility. You can then double-tap the watch face to zoom in.

11.Find Your iPhone
Leaving your iPhone near you and disappearing. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. Swipe up and bring up the Control Center, and when you tap the iPhone icon, your iPhone will ring. Tap and Hold Tap and hold on your iPhone. Flash will be mixed.

12..Customize Your Workout Display
You can organize your workouts on the Apple Watch to your liking. Go to iPhone Watch App> Work Out> Workout View. You can manage it by clicking the Workout you want to align and then clicking Edit in the upper right corner. (Like setting up the control center on an iPhone) ‌ If you have any questions, you can watch the video at this link.

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